Safe water supply and optimized compressed air for maximum snow performance.

Reliable water and air supply

For reliable snowmaking, the snow guns must be constantly supplied with compressed air and water. TechnoAlpin ensures a guaranteed supply of air and water for snowmaking systems for decades. The guarantee comes courtesy of a perfectly coordinated system consisting of optimized pumping stations with IO-Link technology, customized reservoirs, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient compressors, resistant valves and innovative cooling towers. All components must meet the highest technical requirements. TechnoAlpin offers customized solutions to suit the most diverse local conditions and individual requirements.

Pumping stations



Cooling towers


Pumping stations

The beating heart of every snowmaking system

A precision-designed pumping station is fundamental to the reliability of any snowmaking system. It supplies the snow guns with water and generates the necessary water pressure for efficient operation. The pumping station is the beating heart and, at the same time, the most customized part of a snowmaking system. It depends on various local parameters, such as the water supply and the size of the system. Therefore TechnoAlpin takes account of all the local conditions and the specific nature of the terrain in the design of every pumping station. The use of high-quality components and regular maintenance ensures the reliability of the pump station and guarantees worry-free system operation.

Machine room 4.0 with IO-Link technology: Smart, innovative, reliable

IO-Link is the first globally standardized IO technology (IEC 61131-9) and the natural evolutionary development of the previous tried and tested connection technology for sensors and actuators. The data from intelligent sensors form the foundation of the engine room 4.0. They ensure the proper regulation of the pump station via the PLC control system. With IO-Link, the entire measured value transmission is digital, eliminating the error-prone transmission of analogue signals. IO-Link is made to impress with its simplicity and sustainable low cost, from system planning and installation right through to operation and maintenance. Intelligent parameter management and consistent unit diagnostics also minimize downtimes.


Covering the entire season.

High pressure water is needed to make snow. For optimum results at the right time, in terms of snow coverage, there must be enough water to prevent the snowmaking system from shutting down unexpectedly or a shortage of resources. Reservoirs are generally created in order to ensure that sufficient water is available for the snowmaking system throughout the entire snowmaking period. TechnoAlpin plans and builds reservoirs of various sizes to accommodate existing conditions and take account of local requirements. The capacity of the reservoir is adapted to the area to be covered with snow.

Cool but ice-free

The ideal location for the reservoir is above the pumping station. Consequently, the water reaches the pumping station via the gradient under its own pressure, without using additional energy. When the air temperature is below the water temperature, the water in the reservoir is circulated by means of compressed air. On one hand, this serves to additionally cool the water for optimal snowmaking, and on the other hand, it prevents the reservoir from freezing due to the constant movement of the water.


Optimized compressed air system for maximum snow output

The best possible performance of the snow guns can only be achieved by cooling the compressed air to optimum temperatures. Therefore, in its snowmaking systems, TechnoAlpin insists on state-of-the-art compressors with the very latest air-conditioning technology. The snow guns either have an integrated, local compressor for the compressed air required or they obtain the compressed air via the taps in the shafts, which are fed from a central compressor station. The compressed air required is produced in the compressor station and then fed to the shafts via a network of pipes.

Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

Local compressors are installed directly on the snow guns The use of compressors with an integrated air cooler ensures that the air is always at the optimum operating temperature. The compressors are also completely oil-free. Therefore, they are not only environmentally friendly, but they also require very little maintenance. The new oil-free rotary vane compressor is driven by the same electric motor as the turbine, requiring no additional motor for the compressor.

Cooling towers

Optimum water temperature for energy-efficient snowmaking processes

The water temperature is one of the key factors in snowmaking technology. A snowmaking system requires a water cooling system to guarantee the ideal water temperature for snow production. TechnoAlpin has therefore designed its own cooling towers for use with snowmaking systems and developed all the components to cope with extreme working conditions. Using water at the ideal temperature improves the performance of the individual snow guns and therefore increases energy efficiency. In addition, the cooling of the water means that snowmaking can start earlier and respond in a flexible manner to weather conditions.

Optimum solutions for snowmaking systems

The new cooling towers in the Cooltech series were specifically designed for use in snowmaking systems. The cleverly designed operating principle is based on the cooling of the water by the ambient air: The water is cooled by cold air by carefully redirecting the water through a honeycomb-type system. The cooled water is collected in a cold water basin below the cooling tower. All air inlets, connections and ducts are encased in special insulating cladding and equipped with a heating system. This protects them from adverse operating conditions and ensures reliable operation. Various covers or wood paneling soften the visual impact on the landscape.


Hydromat W3: Greatest resistance

The valves of a snowmaking system must be highly resistant. Besides the cold, wind and weather, they are required to withstand water pressures of up to 100 bar. TechnoAlpin develops valves that meet the highest technical requirements. In fan guns valves from the Hydromat W3 range are used. These are fully automatic adjustable valves with an automatic closing function in the event of a malfunction and an integrated drain valve. By restricting the volume flow rate, the valves enable infinitely variable regulation of the water pressure through clever engineering. When connected to an automatic snow gun, the Hydromat W3 guarantees fully automatic operation.

YB valve and YC valve: Innovative and reliable

Snow lances supplied by TechnoAlpin have fully automatic, adjustable valves of type YB or YC, depending on the model. These innovative valves are the result of the research conducted by TechnoAlpin. Thanks to an intelligent communication module, they can be controlled using custom-control software and have a patented, automatic closing mechanism in the event of a power failure. Optimized water drainage ensures failure-free operation without the risk of icing over. The YC valve controls the water supply for lances with a local compressor, whereas the YB valve controls the water and air supply for lances with central air. The separation of the air and water circuits also prevents water from being able to flow into the air stream.

Turnkey snowmaking systems

If our customers prosper, we also prosper. Therefore we collaborate on the development of snowmaking systems to cater for individual requirements to achieve optimum results.

The basis of any system

Only a sophisticated supply network of pipes and system lines underground provides the optimal basis for any snowmaking system.

Targeted overview

Using custom-control software, we take technical snowmaking to a new level and provide the resource-optimized basis to ensure our customers' success.

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