The only viable solution at positive temperatures

On 15 October, TechnoAlpin proudly presented its new SnowFactory models, once again demonstrating unrivaled market leadership in the snowmaking sector. The SnowFactory has allowed TechnoAlpin to guarantee partners that highly coveted start to the winter season - year in, year out - since 2014. The SnowFactory produces top-quality snow regardless of the air temperature. It is not intended to replace conventional snowmaking systems, but rather to complement them. With their help, snow can be produced 24/7, regardless of the outdoor conditions at the site.

TechnoAlpin has perfected the SnowFactory through years of ongoing development and has already installed 70 machines on customer sites around the world. The system has been installed in numerous configurations, ranging from portable versions to large-scale projects producing 1,000 m³ of snow per day. The technology and design of the SnowFactory are constantly evolving - hence the brand new models unveiled in 2021.

The right quality of snow in the right quantity!

The snow produced by TechnoAlpin's SnowFactory has been specifically adapted to meet the requirements of ski areas. Unlike the snow produced by other manufacturers, TechnoAlpin snow lasts a long time and melts slowly because of its special consistency. The volume of snow is maintained, even after using a snow groomer. With just one individual SnowFactory system, snow can be distributed hundreds of meters across the entire ski area via underground pipelines, without incurring any additional transport costs. The sophisticated system improves the transport of the snow, reduces loss due to melting and ensures seamless operation.

The SnowFactory is delivered to the relevant location in a container, ready to use, thanks to its plug and play system. All of the technology is installed in the container so there is no need to place additional components around the machine. This also affords particular protection against external environmental influences. Individual refrigerants are selected depending on the chosen application. In most cases, natural refrigerants can be used to produce snow in an even more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient way. Refrigerant levels also remain very low thanks to continuous innovation. An industry comparison shows that the SnowFactory requires far less energy than comparable models.

But that's not all! Every SnowFactory component is the hallmark of TechnoAlpin quality. From the specially developed control software to robust ice makers via the Mobile APP, all parts can be serviced and replaced immediately without any problems.

Click here to find out more about the new SnowFactory models and unparalleled state-of-the-art technology - TechnoAlpin style!

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