SnowExperts Magazine 2021

In 2021, here at TechnoAlpin, we are once again demonstrating that our quest for innovation continues undaunted after 30 years. We have introduced three brand new, unique products in recent months, and the latest edition of the SnowExperts Magazine is dedicated to these innovations.

In April, we proudly presented two new technological achievements on the snowmaking market, namely the TT10 fan gun and the TL series snow lances. TechnoAlpin is once again setting new standards with these snow guns. In May, we launched the new ATASSpro control software, heralding a new era in automated snowmaking.

The TL series and the TT10 gun were tested extensively by some of TechnoAlpin's customers over the last winter season. Not only can you find out more about both types of snow guns and how they will benefit ski resorts in the latest edition of the SnowExperts Magazine, but we also have feedback on the last winter season from six of our customers.

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