Latest innovations unveiled at the 2020 TechnoAlpin Sales Meeting

TechnoAlpin hosts an annual Sales Meeting to set the tone for the coming season. The 2020 Sales Meeting followed the same format with TechnoAlpin inviting Sales Teams and commercial partners from various countries and regions to an international discussion forum in Bozen. Overall, approximately 180 employees and partners from around the globe visited Bozen from 03 to 06 February 2020.

The entire sales team came together on one day of the 3-day event. A number of interesting innovations for the current year were discussed during the meeting. Together with CEO Erich Gummerer, the team from TechnoAlpin reviewed 2019 and drew up an initial summary. Various presentations increased awareness and understanding of new technologies and innovative changes.

German management consultant, Kishor Sridhar, was also a keynote speaker at the sales meetings. He spoke of new sales challenges in the digital era.

As in 2019, the 2020 Group Sales Meetings provided sales teams from various markets with the opportunity to exchange individual market information. These meetings focused on sales teams from different countries and regions, which allowed detailed changes to be made in line with the various situations in each market. As an international technology leader, TechnoAlpin is aware of the demands of each country and is therefore committed to taking the specific features of the different markets into account.

Alongside formal meetings, the sales team also had the opportunity to visit a number of venues  including the St. Michael/Eppan winery and the Engo subsidiary in Vahrn. The sales meeting also gave a number of commercial partners the opportunity to visit TechnoAlpin's new production premises in Siemensstraße, Bozen, for the first time.

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