Snowmakers’ days, France & Switzerland

TechnoAlpin organized the 2020 Snowmakers’ Days early March in France and Switzerland, in the ski resorts of Le Grand Bornand (FR) and Andermatt (CH). Sign of the on-going interest of TechnoAlpin’s customers for these professional meetings, these two events combined have gathered a total of over 370 snowmaking crew member and resort staff.

They all joined to discover the product and software novelties from TechnoAlpin as well as the latest development works and expansions achieved on the snowmaking installations of the hosting ski resorts, which are long time TechnoAlpin customers.

For Switzerland, 170 people came together in Andermatt, Central Switzerland. The Swiss ski resort has conducted major snowmaking projects over the last 4 years, installing 156 lances, 15 mobile fan guns and 41 fixed fan guns, as well as just over 15km of water pipes and also preparing for the future, with the perspective of adding further equipment, including a pump station and additional water lines for snowmaking expansions.

At the French venue, in Le Grand Bornand, located in the Northern French Alps, 100 people gathered at TechnoAlpin’s invitation. There too, significant snowmaking projects have been implemented over the last 3 years, with a completely new machine room, 92 lances and 43 fan snow producers.

TR10, TR8, latest software updates… the guests of the 2020 Snowmakers’ Days have had the opportunity to discuss in great length with our teams about all the innovations offered by the products of TechnoAlpin and how they help to improve snow production efficiency and quality. They were able to discuss how service and maintenance operations are critical in order to have the most reliable snowmaking installation when the snow season starts, there too TechnoAlpin can provide solutions!

This has been the philosophy of TechnoAlpin from the very beginning: offering the most technologically advanced solutions, no matter what snowmaking product segments. Snow producers, software or even the complete project engineering as well as maintenance, TechnoAlpin goes down to the smallest details to make sure its solutions are always one step ahead and will secure snow production for ski resorts not only for the next season but also for the ones after.

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