This year of innovation goes from strength to strength!

We have already introduced you to several innovative and exciting new products and software solutions this year, starting with the new TT10 fan gun and the TL lance series, and let's not forget the new control software, ATASSpro!
But that's not all - far from it! We have yet another groundbreaking innovation for you in 2021 - the brand new SnowFactory!

Our goal is to offer ski resorts cutting-edge solutions to meet their requirements and challenges through greater efficiency, maximized use of resources and advanced technology. Reliable planning is therefore a key issue for us and our customers. For many years, the SnowFactory has enabled customers to plan more reliably for the season ahead - and this product is now even better! 
Join us online on 15 October when we'll unveil the new SnowFactory. The presentation will be given in German with subtitles in Italian, French, English and Slovak. 

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