Alpbach: An impressive line of attack

The lances in the new TL range are fitted with high-quality components as standard. The nucleators with ruby inserts in particular provide the perfect blend of air and water, guaranteeing consistently optimal snow quality over the entire slope. The new Smart Distributor also makes it possible to fine-tune the water flow rate of the snow gun as finely as possible, thereby maximizing the snow output under all temperature conditions. This was also the experience made last winter by Christian Hausberger of the Alpbacher Bergbahnen mountain railway company. After using various prototypes of the new TL8 lance, the snow operations manager is more than convinced of the qualities of this new product.

Christian Hausberger, what is your impression of the quality of snow produced by the new TL8 lance?
Christian Hausberger: We had five TL8 lances in use in our ski area last season. After this winter I can say from experience that these TL8 lances have convinced me in terms of snow quality.

And what about the quantity?
Hausberger: I do not know of any comparable model on the market at the moment in terms of the amount of snow produced. This is especially true in the borderline temperature range. What convinced me was the fact that, with the step circuits, i.e. when changing the nozzle rings, no more water is lost and every drop is converted into snow. The hard-wearing ceramic nozzles are advantageous when it comes to maintenance. The spray pattern of the new lance can be adjusted in such a way as to allow coverage of specific lanes with snow, for example, without incurring any great waste or loss.

Does this mean that you would definitely recommend the lance?
Hausberger: Definitely. The products made by TechnoAlpin – and especially the TL8 – are excellent in terms of quality. The quality of the snow made by the snow producers is first class. Another positive point I would mention is that the components at TechnoAlpin are totally compatible with each other. This makes our work easier.

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