At the heart of the snowmaking performance!

Beyond the innovation and quality of the snow producers, a state-of-the-art snowmaking system calls for a machine room designed for optimum performances in order to guarantee the best use of available resources and to maximize the snow production under all circumstances.

TechnoAlpin has built over the past decades an extraordinary expertise in the design of pump stations, always pushing the limit and setting new standard in the management of one of the most precious resources for snow production: the water. With the sometime erratic and adverse weather conditions faced by ski resort operators, it is critical to supply flexible and efficient tools to smooth the snow production process.

Can I start instantaneously at the push of a button when the temperatures are there? How easily can I switch my water resources from one sector or slopes to the other in case of rapid change in the local weather condition evolution? Can I monitor the energy consumption and performance of my pump station? For all these questions, TechnoAlpin has a solution thanks to the technologies and know-how developed over the years for its pump stations and snowmaking process!

Optimize the present - Anticipate the future!

Thanks to the careful selection of high-quality and heavy-duty components (pumps, VFDs, PLCs etc.) and the design skills of its engineering team in terms of system sizing and piping drawing, TechnoAlpin offers the most reliable pump stations possible. This is the heart of the snowmaking installation, which makes it possible to optimize the water resource usage, to maximize the energy consumption and ultimately the snow production on the slopes.

However, with the design philosophy of its pump stations, TechnoAlpin strives to offer an insight into the future when working on the project of the snowmaking installation of its customers, taking into consideration the potential developments and expansion projects of the snow production on the ski slopes.

This is exactly what has been done at Hinterglemm, in Austria, with a massive pump station project in 2019! 14 pumps, including 9 submersibles pumps and 5 high pressure pumps, have been installed in the Hochalm pump station, with the possibility to extend already the pumping capacities in the future. For further improved performances, 5 automatic self-flushing filters will guarantee the cleanest water possible. In addition to this huge fire power, the project also included 4 cooling towers, with the possibility also to install a 5th unit, in order to have the optimal water temperature to increase the efficiency of the snow production.

TechnoAlpin is proud to be alongside the ski resort industry not only when it comes down to snow producers, but with pump stations also, by supplying the most technologically advanced solutions for snowmaking!

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