ATASSplus 2020: communication is key.

ATASSplus simplifies the control of ski areas, and the 2020 update simplifies communication. The new ATASSplus update will be out in March 2020, bringing the usual precision. Noticeably easier as always. The 2020 update has new functions and improvements which will further simplify the control of ski areas.

The shortcut to more information.

The 2020 update integrates the pit heating control in the software. You can save costs on pit heating by heating them only when it is really necessary. This reduces energy use and helps optimize resource efficiency.

If there are difficulties in machine rooms, the improved fault reports will now help you to save valuable time and to react quickly. This is because the details of error messages for machine rooms will be displayed directly in the message center. Should you need any further information, this process is now also entirely straightforward and possible via ATASSplus. You can contact the TechnoAlpin online service portal directly without having to close the program. It is designed to make it easy to find spare parts and all the relevant documents for any TechnoAlpin product. You can log in by entering the relevant data in the settings in ATASSplus. Anyone still requiring login details can contact service.technoalpin.com to request the information.

Uninterrupted communication even without Internet reception.

From information retrieval to graphic rotation, the ATASSplus mobile app now also has Bluetooth®, allowing control of the machines even when there is no reception on the slopes. The new Bluetooth® feature replaces input via the display on the snow guns, therefore this addition facilitates safe working practices through remote operation.

The 2020 update of ATASSplus improves intelligent communication between your snowmaking system and the control software, thereby helping to save resources. The update will be available from March 2020 and can be easily installed via the Internet.

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