TechnoAlpin service: always ready to respond at any time

The situation is difficult in many places and in many respects at present due to the coronavirus. Nevertheless, TechnoAlpin is still open for business and available for its customers. This is especially true when it comes to customer service, which is particularly important in the summer months. Now boasting 30 years of experience, the innovation leader can also guarantee its customers fast and reliable support after the installation of snow guns and pumping stations, taking care of all the essentials in order to ensure that the snowmaking systems are in perfect working order at the start of the season. There is a wide and diverse range of services extending well beyond routine maintenance.

Guaranteed worldwide availability

Operating from 10 service centers, the TechnoAlpin team is still guaranteeing worldwide service and designated contact persons. Where possible, the service engineers travel out to the various sites and guarantee the smooth operation of the snowmaking systems. A digital service report is prepared for every call-out so that all the difficulties can be cleared up quickly. Consequently there is an accurate record of service call-outs, allowing optimum planning for the future.

If a site visit by the service engineer is not possible or necessary, the service team is still available to provide professional and reliable support and can be contacted on the service hotline or by email. Remote access to all systems worldwide enables rapid identification and rectification of problems.

Fast online help

There is also the option of convenient online access to all services. Spare parts can be selected and ordered easily through the online service portal. A search box with a filter function helps users to check the compatibility of parts with their own machines. Thanks to its automated system, the international spare parts warehouse at the Volders site (AT) guarantees short waiting times and fast processing of inquiries.

It is also possible to download templates for servicing and inspection forms from the service portal, and a full list of all the relevant documents for each TechnoAlpin product can be found here. Technical data, operating instructions, user manuals, maintenance manuals, circuit diagrams and spare parts catalogs are also available online for reference or download.

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