Machine rooms in the digital age

TechnoAlpin has been increasingly relying on the use of digital components in its machine rooms for some time now. In doing so, the world market leader is enabling networked solutions for ski areas and bringing pioneering innovations to the mountain. 

The new technology turns the machine rooms of snowmaking systems into digital communication experts, moving away from a limited analog approach to transmission towards digitization of all communications between components. One of the benefits of digital sensors over their analog counterparts is that they can measure and transmit several values simultaneously. This brings a number of advantages for ski areas, one being that fewer sensors are needed and another that these sensors have a memory. In the unlikely event of a failure, the settings can easily be transferred to a new sensor – so the system does not have to be shut down

Cutting costs through simplified installation

The digital machine room provides far more information than before. It provides a comprehensive overview of the actual status of the system and notifies the snowmaking operations team of any malfunctions. The components relay instant information about the type of fault. This makes the maintenance process easier for ski areas and now also enables remote support, whether from the ski area, from the ski slopes or from home.

In addition to speeding up the troubleshooting process, however, the simplicity of machine room 4.0 also facilitates all the processes across the board, enabling time savings right back at the installation stage because the system is standardized and less prone to errors. This increases efficiency in the programming process and in the installation work on site, allowing ski areas to save time and money.

This technology can of course be retrofitted in TechnoAlpin machine rooms. With new hardware and software upgrades, any machine room can be incorporated into the intelligent system and take advantage of all the benefits of the digital age. 

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