New snowmaking system guarantees snow coverage for Torrent

The quality of snow and the guarantee of snow coverage are extremely important factors for every ski area, and the Torrent-Leukerbad-Albinen ski area in Switzerland is no exception. The winter sports facility is particularly popular with families and young people, as it offers a wide range of winter sports and a superb view over the Valais Alps down into the Rhône Valley. Until recently, however, Leukerbad-Albinen had to contend with the problem of having too little snow, especially at the beginning of the winter season, to guarantee the availability of the ski slopes which extend for more than 40 kilometers. Obtaining water on the mountain was the greatest challenge for the operators.

After weighing up various possible solutions, in 2016 the ski area managers finally decided to build a new reservoir and expand the existing snowmaking system. The leading innovator in snowmaking solutions, TechnoAlpin, was to act as turnkey supplier and was instructed to plan and execute the project. The project was completed in three stages: The first job was to build a new pumping station at the Rinderhütte station. This coincided with the construction of the 62,000m3 capacity reservoir. The existing snowmaking system was then adapted and integrated into the new system. Three ski slopes were also completely redeveloped to benefit from the snowmaking system. This meant that 8.5 km of cast iron pipes and pipelines had to be laid down. About 75 TechnoAlpin snow lances and 14 fan guns are now in use in the Torrent area. The entire installation and the Leukerbad Ski School are managed by the ATASSplus control system. 

Snow was produced with the new system for the first time three years ago. After a thorough inspection and final acceptance by the environmental authorities, the new reservoir and the snowmaking system were recently officially inaugurated in the presence of around 100 guests. This marked the official end of the three-year construction period for My Leukerbad AG and its sole shareholder, the Leukerbad municipal council. The purposes of the investment are to guarantee snowfall in the winter and to safeguard jobs. The upcoming winter season is scheduled to start at the end of November. 

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