TechnoAlpin offer its expertise to help fight the covid-19

As part of the fight against the Covid-19 outbreak, in order to help companies to resume gradually their activity in the best possible health and safety conditions for their employees, TechnoAlpin technicians assisted EmiControls, a subsidiary of the TechnoAlpin group, for disinfection operations. Indeed, EmiControls offers to disinfect buildings, production workshops, storage places etc. through the misting of disinfectant using turbines.

These turbines are normally used for dust abatement and odor reduction, which are among the two main market segments addressed by EmiControls, along with a third one, firefighting. The misting turbines make it possible to treat and clean large areas very quickly. The machines will spray and aerosolize a mixture of water and disinfecting agent which will deposit on all of the surfaces to be cleaned. To ensure the reliability of the solutions and guarantee optimum results, laboratory tests have been carried out. In addition, the product used is not harmful to humans, the cleaning operations are therefore without problem for the employees who return to the site afterwards.

It is in France that TechnoAlpin technicians brought their expertise and logistical support to EmiControls to carry out a first disinfection operation, at Kässbohrer France, the French subsidiary of the world leader in grooming machines with PistenBully.

"The objective of this operation is to allow a more gradual resumption of our activity, while guaranteeing the highest level of health protection for the company's employees. We’re going to start by disinfecting the workshop and the spare parts storage area. The disinfection process proposed by EmiControls, seemed to us both simple to implement, with a proven misting technology and offering all the guarantees of a positive result." says Didier Bic, Managing Director at Kässbohrer E.S.E. France.

TechnoAlpin is very proud to take an active part in fighting the covid-19 and helping companies and employees to get back to a more normal situation!

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