Cervinia: peak snow production with fivefold performance

For several years now, the ski area of Cervinia has been investing heavily in the modernization of its snowmaking system. The entire snowmaking system has been engineered and supplied by TechnoAlpin since 2015, from the delivery of pipelines and the installation of snow guns right through to the construction of the pumping stations and compressor plants.

In just three years of construction, TechnoAlpin and its partner company IVIES were able to significantly boost the output of the snowmaking system. Following the last expansion in 2018, Cervinia has increased its snow production five-fold compared to 2015, enabling the slopes to be covered with snow that much faster. The windows of opportunity for snowmaking can also be exploited even more efficiently with the support of the ATASSplus control system. Since the extension 80% of the ski resort can be covered with machine-generated snow. 

One of the highest snow guns in Europe is installed at a height of 3320 m in Cervinia. TechnoAlpin therefore guarantees snow all the way to Zermatt, connecting Italy with Switzerland. At such heights, the revolutionary TR8 fan gun will ensure optimum snow quality in the future – regardless of grid-related voltage fluctuations or voltage drops caused by the length of the power line. The snowmaking system for the third downhill run in the Cielo Alto section has been completely redesigned This now allows a connection to the ski resort of Cervinia from three different points with guaranteed snow coverage since the 2018/2019 winter season thanks to TechnoAlpin. 

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