Lake Mountain Alpine Resort: No more sleepless nights

The Lake Mountain Alpine Resort in Australia modernized its system in 2019, investing in the most advanced combined technology. In addition to the classic snow gun, the ski resort is also now relying on a Snowfactory SF210 for production. The use of the snow gun for warmer temperatures spells the most prominent change in the approach to snowmaking in the ski area. It allows the season to be extended by opening earlier and closing later.

A new compact pumping station was also installed in the ski area in 2019. It was supplied ready-welded by TechnoAlpin and comprises four powerful pumps on one frame. This makes it the largest pump assembly of its kind ever installed by TechnoAlpin. The unique design brings an enormous reduction in installation time.

Alan Eason, manager of the ski resort, explains why TechnoAlpin is his first choice: "By switching to a fully automatic pumping station and installing the Snowfactory, we saved a considerable amount of time in operating the snowmaking system. We can exploit every snow window for the snow coverage and rely on the fact that the ATASSplus control software has the necessary controls to function as a fully automatic system. The biggest change is that the ATASSplus can be used with a smartphone. This enables us to receive information at any time of day or night, in any location, on the mountain or in the valley. As a result, there are hardly any night shifts any more and we can finally get a good night's sleep, safe in the knowledge that the short snow windows are being put to optimal use and snow production in general is far more successful."

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