Nendaz and Veysonnaz: Closer than ever!

In recent years, Remontées Mécaniques SA, the operator of the Veysonnaz and Nendaz ski resorts, which form part of the prestigious 4 Vallées ski area in Valais, Switzerland, has been continuing an ambitious investment program. The aim is to strengthen the overall attractiveness of the region but notably to guarantee adequate snow coverage. The project was continued in 2019 focusing on the Creppon ski area.

The 2019 development had two goals: to reinforce the sharing of water resources by connecting the Nendaz and Veysonnaz systems and to extend the technical snowmaking system to guarantee the snow cover on the new slopes. Until now, the systems at the two sites have never been connected. 

With the project, management of the water resources was further improved. This facilitated transfers between "Lac de Cleuson" (25 million m3) and "Lac des Dix" (400 million m3). To enable the link between the two systems, more than16 km of ductile cast-iron pipes have been laid. To complete the installation, two new machine rooms and 13 valve chambers have been built.

128 additional pits were installed by TechnoAlpin on the slopes. 50 TR8, 11 TF10 and 45 V3ee lances completed the existing snowmaking system. In fact, there were already 200 TechnoAlpin fan guns in the ski area. 

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