Ongoing optimization for resource-efficient TechnoAlpin snow-making systems

Since TechnoAlpin has started up, the company has focused on the optimization of existing snowmaking systems and the development of new solutions for snow production. Every year a budget of around six million is invested in the research and development of new technologies. Two centers of expertise guarantee an optimum focus of the research work in the development of fan guns and snow lances. The two research centers regularly share their insights and findings with each other, resulting in the benefit of a comprehensive body of knowledge.

By working in close collaboration with universities, research institutes specialist partner companies, TechnoAlpin will also be able to continue offering better solutions in , enhanced by a steady flow of improvements. Both the snow guns and other components, such as pumping stations and software, benefit from this ongoing research. The various snow guns can be subject to heavy-duty demands over the winter months. The simulation of a wide and diverse range of conditions guarantees the reliability of the TechnoAlpin machines in all kinds of situations. Serial production only begins after the products have passed stringent tests. The only way to satisfy the increasing demands of lift operators but also of winter sports enthusiasts is through constant optimization and new product development.

Energy efficiency

There are precious few sports with such a close association with nature as winter sports. This is why TechnoAlpin cares so much about environmental protection and the sparing use of available resources. The top priority at all times is to increase the efficiency of all the components of the snow-making systems. This includes the system design, the construction of pumping stations and the design of snow guns but also the conservation of resources through the use of intelligent control software. Energy efficiency has improved significantly in recent years thanks to the intelligent snowmaking systems developed by TechnoAlpin.