Additional nozzles and ceramic inserts for the TL6!

In the on-going quest for innovation and product improvement – which is a key marker of TechnoAlpin philosophy, our R&D team is offering some new features to the lance TL6: A third nozzle for each ring along with ceramic inserts! The idea behind these technical evolutions is to go further in the efficiency and performance of the snow gun. The wear-resistant ceramic inserts, which come as standard release on the V3 and V3ee lances, will ensure a long life to the nozzles of the TL6 3N. This is the case for instance even with aggressive water like glacier water; therefore the mechanical integrity of the nozzles is preserved and this guarantees a consistently high snow quality season after season. And the additional nozzle for each ring makes it possible to further improve the performance of the snow gun. This will be the case for the production in marginal temperatures, both in terms of snow quality and snow quantity, as well as with the most commonly found operating temperatures. It will also make the snow gun more efficient when the operating pressures are lower in the snowmaking system.

These new features of the TL6 3N come in addition to the innovations already introduced with the TL6: 4 steps that offer 6 different flow combinations. With six possible combinations and the 3rd nozzle, the TL6 3N covers a much larger output range than other lances. The opening and closing of the nozzles and the control of the various combinations are provided by a motor housed in the head of the snow gun. With this powerhead, the TL6 of equipment is simplified: only one shelter valve and no need for an aerial block valve for the different steps. Last but not least, the nucleators of the snow gun are characterized by a low air consumption that allows the TL6 3N to be one of the most efficient lances in the market. Furthermore, in the absence of air for the nucleation, their design prevents water from returning into the air circuit. A heating system prevents ice from forming on the head, even in extreme cold. During the closing phase, steps automatically purge the residual water contained therein. Once again, this contributes delivering a consistently high quality snow and avoids freezing up the head of the snow gun. With the TL6 3N, the goal is to be able to offer TechnoAlpin’s customers with the best and the most advanced tools possible to make snow! This is how TechnoAlpin can contribute to the successful operations of ski resorts.

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