Anticipating the optimum production slots

TechnoAlpin is constantly working to improve its products and software solutions so that the ski resort operators stay at the cutting edge of technology and that their snow production tools are always adapted to the new challenges they must face. Season after season TechnoAlpin innovates and increases the power of its software solutions, for instance through collaborations with experts in other fields of applications: This is the case with the Weather Forecast application in ATASSplus and Liberty! Indeed, optimized snow coverage requires not only high-performance equipment, snow guns and machine rooms, but also access to accurate weather forecasts, especially at the local level. Meteorological forecasts help the operator to decide when to be ready to produce: having the opportunity to make snow in 5 hours or 15 hours on a given sector can make the difference. Where the maximum resources available of the snowmaking system should be dedicated? Should the equipment be put on standby? Etc. This is particularly the case at the beginning of the production season, when the ability to know more precisely how local conditions will evolve in the hours and days to come may prove to be critical to achieve the best slope preparation or refine the opening date.

To date, the operator has relied on weather forecasts for regional or national weather services. But the models used by these services vary from one to the other, and precision forecasting at a very local level, such as a given area of the ski resort, may prove not to be good enough for efficient production. Since many parameters have to be taken into account for weather forecasts, especially in mountain environments, it is quite logical that only very local measurements will give precise local forecasts. This is exactly what the Weather Forecast application from TechnoAlpin offers! Indeed, it combines the data measured by the weather probes located in the snowmaking installation, the history of the data stored by the control software and confronted with several global weather models. This combination gives a very precise forecast locally, up to 10 days. To achieve this result and ensure the accuracy of the forecast, TechnoAlpin has partnered with Europe's largest meteorological service, the MeteoGroup. With this powerful decision-support tool, TechnoAlpin wants ski resort operators to strengthen their capacity to manage their snow production campaign and thus contribute to a better preparation of their slopes for their guests!

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