Building the future

TechnoAlpin is currently constructing a new production building in Bolzano in a bid to meet the growing demands in terms of orders. The entire production site of the global innovation leader will have been relocated by 2019. The new facility in the industrial zone will be built on just under 110,000 m³ of the 14,500 m² available on the site. With four stories in total (one of which will be underground), the new structure will house all the production facilities, a warehouse for snow guns, offices, and meeting rooms. 

Top quality in all phases of the project

The TechnoAlpin welding shop, which was ready for occupancy in 2016, is situated not far from the new production site. There is sufficient surface area on the spacious plot to meet the high levels of demand from customers. The workshop enables the company to guarantee a higher quality in system design and construction as well as in its project management and products. Various TechnoAlpin products are made in the welding shop, such as the lifts, arms and mobile pumps. The pre-assembly work and the welding jobs for the systems also account for another very large proportion of the jobs done in the workshop. This reduces the number of welding jobs which have to be done on site. All the welding jobs are carried out in conformity with ISO standard 3834-2.

TechnoAlpin has strict quality assurance requirements when it comes to welding. All the welding work done in the shop is subject to internal quality control. A certain percentage must undergo non-destructive radiographic and ultrasonic testing. 

Perfectly according to plan

Construction work on the new building is already in full swing. The entire shell of the administration wing will be completed in a few days. As things stand at present, the structure is already in place for two of the four floors (one of them underground). The entire shell will be ready on September 30 then work will begin on the technical installations. 

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