Cerro Castor expands its snowmaking!

While this is winter and the peak of the snowmaking season in most of the ski resorts worldwide with TechnoAlpin snow guns running full speed, further down in South America, this is summer and the time to start the preparation of the next winter season. The operator of Cerro Castor ski resort (Ushuaia, AR) has chosen to entrust the snow experts of TechnoAlpin with the reinforcement and expansion of his existing snowmaking system. The project aims to equip with snowmaking a beginners’ slope, starting from the intermediate zone located at 480m of elevation. This slope, accessible to all types of skiers, allows going back easily to the base area. For this project 2016/17, the works will concern the installation of networks (high pressure ductile water pipes, electric cable and data cable) over a distance of about 2000m to connect the intermediate zone to the base area of the ski resort, located at 190m elevation. The project also includes an expansion of the snowmaking system on the “Snow Park” slope.

In total, 19 snow pits, 2 TF10 fan guns, tower mount, as well as the first TL6 3N lance in Southern America will be set up. The TL6 3N is the latest version of the TL6 that comes with ceramic inserts and a 3rd nozzle on each ring. This feature allows increasing the performance of the lance at marginal temperature. Of course, the TF10, the most powerful fan gun on the market will also deliver its promise: the best quality snow and an optimized production output under all conditions! With these advanced tools, the TL6 3N and the TF10, the operator of the ski resort will benefit from the best technology to achieve optimum snow production on his slopes. In addition, a modification to guarantee the water supply to a pump station which is isolated from the main snowmaking network will also be carried out during the summer. In parallel, other works are in progress to strengthen the snow production on the slalom and giant slalom training slopes, with a new one kilometer on the “ski lifts” sector. This will allow the operator to better serve national ski teams, who have been loyal to Cerro Castor for many years and who come to the ski resort for training during the Northern Hemisphere summer. The works has already begun and will be complete in the next few months to be ready for the 2017 South American winter season. The first TechnoAlpin equipment on the slopes of Cerro Castor dates back 2005, so our team is really proud of this on-going collaboration with the southernmost ski resort in the world and the contribution to the successful operation of the ski resort that our state of the art equipment is bringing!

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