Christmas comes early in Jersey

Campgaw in New Jersey just took delivery of 5 new TechnoAlpin T40’s. Their comment; “Christmas came early to New Jersey”. For Campgaw and sister resort Blue Hills in MA, this is the second early Christmas. The resorts bought 10 TechnoAlpin guns last year, on top of 4 they already owned. Mt. Manager, Jim Panzenhagen has done a great job capitalizing on his automated guns. It was a record mild winter in the East last year and New Jersey would be among the toughest zip codes for snowmaking. The windows of snowmaking opportunity for Jim were very short, so starting the maximum amount of guns in the shortest possible time was pivotal to their success. Just 3 years ago Campgaw had no experience with automation, now Jim would tell you, “It’s the only way to go.” TechnoAlpin has partnered heavily with Campgaw, Blue Hills and there consultant Bob Ashton. We provide weather studies and performance proformas that help Bob build ROI models that free up capital for both resort continued expansion.

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