Colorful snow from the TF10

You can marvel at a special work of art in Munich at the moment: the lawn in front of the Alte Pinakothek is covered in colorful snow. South Tyrol artist Philipp Messner uses three TF10 fan guns to sprinkle the ground with snow containing food coloring. 

Messner wants to draw attention to the fact that winter sports and the tourism they attract will not be able to survive in the Alps without artificial snow.

But the colorful snow has another key purpose: to provide fun for visitors. Passers-by take great pleasure in walking through the colorful snow. Children build snowmen, men in suits have  snowball fights and everyone has a smile on their face. 

The snow is really something special and puts everyone in a good mood. We at TechnoAlpin are pleased that our snow can make people happy.

Here are some pictures of the project:

Philipp Messner

Foto: Maximilain Geuter


© Philipp Messner, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, D

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