Customized planning of snowmaking systems

An optimally planned snowmaking system is the basis for successful winter tourism and effective and resource-efficient snow-making. TechnoAlpin is convinced here that correct dimensioning of the system is the cornerstone for economic success. Only customized design and planning in cooperation with the customer leads to a perfectly adapted result. The aim is always get basic snow coverage within 72 hours in order to best exploit snow windows and thus conserve resources.

Since each project is customized and matched to local conditions, a masterplan is created at TechnoAlpin for each project. The masterplan shows the whole system at a glance and is a graphic draft of the planning of a snowmaking system. It contains a plethora of information resulting from a careful analysis of the conditions. It is created in close collaboration with ski resort operators, the Design Department, the project manager and the sales representative. The masterplan is a geo-referenced topographic drawing containing all the main information relating to the snow-making system, which includes the geographic location of the system and the contours, the specification of the material for the construction of the system, the power and data cables, air and water supply lines, branch pits, machines, pumping stations and so on. It also includes details of the flow chart that illustrates the configuration of the hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The masterplan is shown on an orthophoto. This is a uniform-scale and distortion-free image of the surface of the ground. Slopes, lifts, roads, reservoirs, rivers, buildings and forests are depicted realistically.

While the project is being formulated, it is important to take into account the future development of the system and all planned and feasible stages in its expansion. This guarantees that the system can be extended easily and economically. The various steps are highlighted in different colors in the masterplan. TechnoAlpin guarantees the best possible support for each project and the participation of each customer. This allows the incomparable quality of TechnoAlpin products to be exploited in full.

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