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Every year TechnoAlpin employs several interns who work in various departments. A total of 16 young men and women are keen to get an initial taste of working life with the innovation leader in 2019 between June and September. The placement subjects range from production, administration and customer service right through to marketing, mechanical engineering and programming. We asked three of the interns to give us an insight into their experiences: Elena Marin (22), Marketing TechnoAlpin Indoor, Manuel Pillon (23), Software Engineering, and Matthias Engl (22), Engineering.

What jobs are you doing at TechnoAlpin?

Elena: My main job in the first three weeks was to conduct a detailed analysis of the wellness market in order to develop a new marketing concept for the SnowRoom. I am also busy working on various aspects of the website, especially the English and Italian texts.

Manuel: I work in the Software Engineering department as a data analyst. One of my jobs is to analyze the process in the pumping stations and to identify scope for potential improvements in the pump control unit.

Matthias: My jobs are very varied and range from collecting design data from well-known manufacturers  with a view to being able to simplify the work in the depot right through to developing new ideas put forward by my colleagues to come up with innovative designs (3D Solid Edge drawings) which may be introduced in serial production processes at a later date.

What made you decide to do an internship at TechnoAlpin?

Manuel: My current tutor, Thomas Tschager, was working as a teaching assistant in one of my courses at the University of Bolzano. So we got talking and he told me about all the fantastic student projects at TechnoAlpin. So then I applied.

Matthias: I was looking for a company with an international focus and an interest in innovation which would give me the opportunity to acquire knowledge of another branch of engineering to add to the expertise I have already gathered. TechnoAlpin is the perfect company to help me achieve this aim due to its position as market leader in snowmaking technology.

Elena: I studied business management at Rotterdam University (Holland) for the last two years and the plan for the third year of the course is an internship. I really wanted to return to Bolzano. TechnoAlpin is a multinational company with an international mindset. This was my chance.

What do you like most about the company?

Matthias: The company has the attraction of an international profile in the familiarity of its home setting of South Tyrol. It is unique in this sector to be based in Bolzano and to be able to have contact with an international clientele in this way, and the company is therefore a magnet for young skilled workers as well as academics. Then there is the great working atmosphere in the offices and common rooms, in that it feels almost like a family, and this also means that everyone immediately feels at home.

Elena: All the staff are very friendly and helpful and the working atmosphere is really great. I also have the opportunity to use my languages and gain valuable experience in marketing.

Manuel: What I particularly like about the company is the good working atmosphere, the interesting types of work, and the fact that you can work independently even when you are an intern.

Could you imagine working at TechnoAlpin in the future?

Manuel: I could well imagine working for TechnoAlpin at some point in the future because, as I said, the work is interesting and the atmosphere is great.

Elena: Very much so. I have really enjoyed working at the company so far and I like coming to work. I have always wanted to work for a big company.

Matthias: I am still in the studying phase right now in the middle of my degree in mechanical engineering. But I could definitely imagine working here in the future as the prospects are also very bright for such an ambitious company. If the company continues to grow as it has in recent years, there will also be a constant stream of other new jobs which could offer interesting internal career opportunities.

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