Earliest start of season thanks to TechnoAlpin!

Most ski areas in the northern hemisphere are in the middle of preparations for the winter season.  Soon they will be able to open the doors and offer visitors the best snow quality. Thanks to the unique technology of the world market leader, some ski areas have even been able to start snow production already – at the end of September or beginning of October. As for example the Panorama Mountain Resort in Canada.  Thanks to the technology of TechnoAlpin, the innovation leader on the snowmaking market, the ski area was able to start snowmaking earlier than ever before in its history.  

“This is a big achievement,” says Steve Paccagnan, President and CEO of Panorama. “it is the earliest we have ever made snow and while the weather plays a significant role in that, a big part of the equation is our on-going investment into the latest snowmaking technology and our incredibly dedicated Slopes team.”

Other ski areas, such as Solda in Italy, Sölden in Austria or Davos in Switzerland, have as well been able to start snow production already. This proves once again that investments in innovation pay off. Only through meticulous and continuous research and development has TechnoAlpin been able to perfect its snow guns in such a way that they play a pioneering role in the snowmaking market, especially in the marginal temperature range

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