Earliest start to the season in Czech Republic thanks to Snowfactory from TechnoAlpin

The Monínec ski resort has successfully opened its slopes with Snowfactory snow. Monínec is the largest ski resort in Central Bohemia and is very popular with local and international winter sports fans because of its proximity to the capital city of Prague. The resort opened its first slope in October with the help of snow guns for above-zero temperatures from TechnoAlpin. Two stationary units and one mobile Snowfactory guaranteed the early season start. The whole ski resort opened on 17 November.

Snowfactory – the snow gun for above-zero temperatures

The Snowfactory is an adjunct to traditional snow-making. That means it’s used as a kind of top-up when a snow-making system has reached the limits of its capability. The machine is especially popular at biathlon centers where a lot can be achieved with relatively little snow. Complete cross-country trails such as at the Lenzerheide Biathlon Center can be prepared with Snowfactory snow in a very short time. The snow gun for above-zero temperatures guarantees snow coverage - especially important for ski resort openings and major events. The wide-spread and successful deployment of the Snowfactory for events has demonstrated what a good investment the snow gun has been for encouraging ski sports. Snowfactory could well open up new markets in addition to those such as Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Norway and Sweden, where we already operate. This year a machine will be installed in a shopping center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where the main purpose of Snowfactory will be to introduce people to snow. In these “exotic” markets, people have rarely or never even seen real snow and get really excited. The trend in demand for the Snowfactory is very positive. There are currently 19 Snowfactory units in use around the world, guaranteeing customers snow coverage for their slopes and events.

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