From Early Season Startup in North America

Mount Saint Louis Moonstone fires up some of its huge fleet of TechnoAlpin guns. They have both sticks and fans and everything is full auto. This is a first class installation with several new TF10 towers with all the proper pads. 

Sun Valley ID fires some of its 560 fully automated Rubis and Borax guns. 25 visible in this shot, and likely a hundred more on this trail, on in just 7 minutes. Don’t try this at home without an automated system. Pretty high density coverage for a western resort but Sun Valley has built a big part of its iconic reputation on it snowmaking prowess. Like most of the west so far in October, not very cold temperatures so far and really no help from natural snow. 
Breckenridge Colorado. Great shot! Getting one of their T40 ARM guns ready to rock above the Freeway Terrain Park in Breckenridge. Note the snowmaker on the ARM.  Not the T-40, the guy.  Frightened us at first but he is harnessed and belayed, so it’s cool.  This is an amazing installation on Freeway.  The perfect setup for making snow in one of the most highly rank parks in all of the snow sliding world.   There are seven ARM guns in the park.  Watching them reminds me of the deck guns on the USS Missouri.  I hate to be the enemy.   They can go up and down via the Atassplus automation for a mile away.  Down to throw to the far side then up to let the cats clear underneath.  As the temps fluctuate way up, and way down as they do in the Rockies, the T-40’s automatically add or shut down banks to deliver perfect park snow and maximum flow.   

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