Grand-Bornand relies on TechnoAlpin

During 2015 and 2016, Grand-Bornand entrusted TechnoAlpin with several assignments aimed at augmenting the existing snow-making capacity in the skiable area. The aim was to offer optimal snow conditions to customers with the help of investment provided by the city council and implementation by teams from SAEM, the Grand-Bornand ski lift company. The 2015 project focused on the sector of Les Gettiers and specifically the slope of Les Cyclamens, where 11 new TF10 and T40 fan guns were installed. Located in the Chinaillon sector of Grand-Bornand, the central part of the skiable area, Les Gettiers is an important zone for the resort. That was the reason for turning to technology and products developed by TechnoAlpin. In fact, the fan guns from the TechnoAlpin range make it possible to combine reliability, ruggedness and flexibility of use without neglecting production performance.

In 2016, snow-related activities took place in the Maroly sector and involved the upgrading and modernization of a section of the existing snow-making network, an extension of the slopes and the creation of a new machine room. Work took place to a lesser degree this year on the slopes of Tarines, Chardons Blancs and 2000. A total of 22 snow guns were installed on the Tarines slope. The TL6ee snow lances were retained in the upper section. These are based on the TL6 lance, the “ee” indicating more efficient energy performance and much reduced air consumption, without sacrificing production capacity. TF10 fan guns are used for snow-making in the lower section. Mounted on towers, the TF10 fan guns offer unsurpassed performance: spray range, production volume, snow quality and efficiency at marginal temperatures. Finally, the Chardons Blancs slope and the last section of the 2000 slope will again see the installation of TL6ee lances, bringing the total number of snow-makers to 20. A machine room is under construction at the foot of the embankment of the Maroly reservoir in order to guarantee an optimum supply of water for the new equipment installed in 2016. This room will allow the slopes of Tarines and Chardons Blancs to be supplied at the same time and will also permit water to be sent to the downstream section of the snow network. Two 450 kW pumps with a total capacity of 750 m3/h, plus a 160 kW compressor will be installed. The compressor will provide air for the operation of the 30 snow lances. This represents an optimization of the use of resources, made possible thanks to the low air consumption of the TL6ee lances. The entire system is controlled by the ATASSplus software developed by TechnoAlpin. All this new equipment will provide the Grand-Bornand resort with high-performance snow-making tools which contribute to the efficient exploitation of the skiable area, especially at the start of the season, and guarantee optimum preparation of the slopes when they are opened.

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