Great success for the 2019 Snowmaker Days!

Over the course of March, nearly 500 people gathered during the traditional Snowmaker Days of TechnoAlpin! This year a total of 4 meetings took place in different European regions.

It is France that hosted the 1st Snowmaker Days of 2019, with 2 meetings: One in the ski resort of Valloire (Northern Alps) dedicated for the ski area operators located in the French Alps, the other in Ax 3 Domaines in the French Pyrenees, directed to French, Spanish and Andorran ski area operators.

Combined, these two events drew more than 210 interested guests, in particular for the Northen Alps venue for which 130 people came to discover the works undertaken with TechnoAlpin on the snowmaking facility of Valloire in 2017 and 2018, with major slope expansions and the increase of the pumping capacity up to 3500m3/h of water. Thanks to the project carried out by TechnoAlpin, the snowmaking crew was able to produce the first snow cover in only 85h, allowing to prepare the slopes for the preseason opening weekend, despite rather mild weather conditions.

Then, it was in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the ski resort of Jahorina, that the Snowmaker Days continued. In addition to local ski area operators, customers from Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Georgia and Turkey were present. In total more than a hundred people traveled to visit Jahorina ski area and its snowmaking facility. They had the opportunity also to discover the latest TechnoAlpins products: TR8, TF10, Snowfactory, the update of ATASSplus ...

Sign of how important snowmaking has become to achieve successful ski resort operation, the Minister of Trade and Tourism of the Serbian Republic of Bosnia herself kicked-off the event with the opening conference.

Eventually, Switzerland also hosted one of the 2019 edition of the Snowmaker Days, with a very good attendance of 165 people in Nendaz (Valais region): Exchange around After Sales service and maintenance solutions, the ATASSplus 2019 updates, the review of the partnership with the MeteoGroup for the Weather Forecast application and a short preview if the TR10… 

For TechnoAlpin, these are moments of exchange of great values with the field users of its snowmaking products and solutions, in order to collect feedback and to address the future issues of the ski resort operators! This allows TechnoAlpin to be even more efficient in the responses provided to its customers and to contribute to the success of their winter activities through the production of the highest quality snow, while controlling the resources and costs of snow production.

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