Indoor Experience by TechnoAlpin

TechnoAlpin, which is primarily known for the design, construction and installation of conventional snowmaking systems for winter sports & ski resorts, also offers systems dedicated to indoor snowmaking. TechnoAlpin has developed specific solutions for indoor snow production. The latter imposes particular constraints linked, for example, to the refrigeration of the building or to the hygrometry.

To overcome these constraints, TechnoAlpin has developed the "S6" range, machines specifically designed for indoor snow production. These snow guns make it possible to obtain a snow quality perfectly adapted to the snow conditions in the interior and to the needs expressed by the customer. Indeed, conventional snow guns would produce a snow too moist for the indoor, which would lead to an excessive increase of the hygrometry in the building.

Another advantage of S6: A temperature of only -2°C in the hall is sufficient to start making snow. This allows reducing the size of the building's refrigeration system. In order to guarantee a constant and optimum quality of the snow production, the S6 itself will generate a cold air flow around its nozzles and allow the freezing of finely pulverized water droplets. In addition, with the S6 technology, the operator can very easily control and modify the quality of the snow produced and, on the other hand, schedule the production of each unit installed on the site.

One of the most recent indoor "S6" projects is in the "Mall of Egypt", which recently opened in Cairo. This shopping mall hosts many shops, restaurants, and an extensive leisure offer. But it also offers an exceptional experience, since it houses the first indoor ski and snow area in Africa: “Ski Egypt”.

Under the latitude of the Egyptian capital, it is now possible to indulge in the pleasure of skiing on a real snow in a playful area of more than 14 000 m² or simply have fun in a playground covered with snow powder. The indoor snow hall has a constant temperature between -3° and -4° C and humidity above 80%. For this project, 15 TechnoAlpin S6 snow guns are used to ensure the production of snow and maintain the perfect snow cover on the ski slopes and playground.

With its Indoor solution range, TechnoAlpin confirms its status as a leader in global snowmaking solutions, whether conventional or indoor… for the greatest pleasure of winter sport and snow passionate!

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