Killington FIS World Cup and TechnoAlpin USA

Against all odds, Killington, “The Beast of the East” pulled off one of the most successful, well-attended ski races in North America, Nov. 26th and 27th. TechnoAlpin had a pivotal role in making this race possible.

Scheduling a race of this magnitude over Thanksgiving weekend in the East was a bold move. Last year it might have been impossible, and even this year it was just short of a miracle. Killington lined the “Superstar” trail with 125 air/water guns made possible by the use of homemade “splitters”. Even using this “loaves and fishes” trick, the supply of compressed air has its limits. Enter TechnoAlpin fan guns. Killington already owns several TechnoAlpin fans, but for this occasion TechnoAlpin USA loaned 4 more T40’s allowing a total of 8 to be focused on Superstar. The total firepower trained on Superstar was beyond impressive, but early season weather all over North America was very marginal and the few windows of opportunity at Killington were separated by rain events. Killington passed the stringent FIS “Snow Control” well ahead of the event. Congratulations Killington Snowmakers!

Globally, TechnoAlpin is a partner with the FIS and helping out with equipment and expertise at FIS events is common for TechnoAlpin. This was just a TechnoAlpin USA extension of our international FIS commitment. 
Ski races, even big FIS type events are not normally well attended like the same level of events in Europe. Killington and the FIS were hoping for 10,000 spectators but privately 8,000 would have been a great success. Single day attendance on Sunday was reported at 16,000, 14,000 the day before, stretching every resource to the breaking point.

Lucky for TechnoAlpin customers, we had VIP/Sponsor tickets that provided access to great food in the VIP tent and more valuable than gold, reserved front row parking.
The icing on the cake was 21 year old Mikaela Shiffrin’s gold medal slalom run on Sunday. Mikaela, who hails from Eagle-Vail Colorado has been dominate in World Cup Slalom having won the last five events.

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