Lift Maintenance Seminar at Jiminy Peak

The LMS show at Jiminy Peak was a big success!  While this show is inherently geared towards lift maintenance as evident in the name (LMS), it is also growing in popularity and depth with classes outside of just lifts.  There is attendance from vendors of all mountain ops related equipment; primarily lifts, grooming, and snowmaking. The show is geared toward service not sales, but you get a good variety of base level employees up to upper management to network with throughout the week (Lift Maintenance, Mechanics, Snow Making Supervisor/Managers, Ops Managers, Mountain Managers, General Managers).  Most technicians wear many hats (lifts, grooming, snowmaking) at their respective resorts and often overlap on maintenance duties throughout the summer.  These are the full-time employees that owners are continuing to invest in their job training and level of expertise.  These are exactly the people we are trying to influence, both directly and indirectly!

Overall, I felt it was very well attended; ~265 on the last attendance sheet.  Some customers came from as far as North Carolina even though the event was in Massachusetts.  There is a good combination of both classes and social events to network, share ideas, and learn from and with your peers.  TechnoAlpin donated a few giveaway items for the dinner raffle that were a big hit; multiple remarks that ours was the best prize on the table (TA backpack).  Many side conversations were had between customers such as the guys from ORDA/Lake Placid hyping their success with the SnowFactory to other customers!  This is exactly the type of positive hype and customer reference that we are looking for!

Attendance ~265+, customers from Maine to North Carolina!
Sid Roslund showing off the TA giveaway, a definite crowd favorite!

There was a small vendor reception for about 1.5 hrs on Wednesday 4/18/2018 between the last class and dinner.  This is the time everyone gets a few complimentary beers and has the chance to socialize with vendors in a casual atmosphere.  Snowmaking exibits from TA, SMI & MND.  No exhibits from HKD, DemacLenko, Snow Logic, etc.

The highlight was our Thursday 4/19/2018 class presentation on TA Summer Maintenance Checklist by John Dixon (and supported by Joe Scarfi).  John served as the primary speaker, while Joe helped transport the T40 and served as backup speaker.  John focused on primarily on “Summerization” items inside the cabinet and general things to look for while completing the maintenance checklist.  Joe did a hands-on compressor maintenance showing physically what is involved with our rebuild kits, etc.  Having the group divided into subsets helped get closer interaction with each customer.

Overall, I was very pleased with the effort given by both John and Joe for this event.  I think our service class came off exactly as intended; more informational rather than a sales pitch.  We got to reinforce concepts like a little regular maintenance every year goes a long way vs no maintenance for 5 years then why doesn’t this work anymore mentality.  Sometimes our machines are viewed as “too complex”, but once you bring it back to basics most of the maintenance is manual like any other piece of equipment (it’s not rocket science!).

We were located in the mountain operations center that had a classroom power point presentation combined with hands on demo only a few steps away.  On a side note, SMI did a classroom talk with pre-recorded maintenance videos, but did NOT HAVE SOUND loud enough from the computer during the presentation.  This came off as poorly planned and severely impacted the effectiveness of their talk.  Many were overheard saying the SMI talk was not that good, which I like to think made our talk look that much more thought out and professional!

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