Made-to-measure master plan for each project

An efficient snow-making system is the basis for successful winter tourism. An efficient system is one which, first and foremost, is the appropriate size and which is reliable. Made-to-measure designs and anticipatory planning processes are therefore fundamental to commercial success. TechnoAlpin has had a planning department for over 20 years which draws up detailed master plans in close consultation with the various ski-resort operators. The master plan is the graphic design for setting the dimensions of a snow-making system. It contains all the information resulting from a thorough analysis which has been carried out jointly with the design department, the project manager and the vendor. The master plan shows the entire system at a glance and therefore forms the basis for the planning of the snow-making system.

The master plan is a geo-referenced topographic drawing containing all the main information relating to the snow-making system which includes the geographic location of the system and the contours, the specification of the material for the construction of the system, the power and data cables, air and water supply lines, branch pits, machines, pumping stations and so on. It also contains the information relating to the flow chart which shows the configuration of the hydraulic and pneumatic systems. The master plan is shown on an orthophoto which is a realistic reproduction of the ski slopes, lifts, roads, reservoirs, rivers, buildings and forests. An orthophoto is a true-to-scale and distortion-free image of the earth's surface.  It is essential when working on the project that the future development of the system is discussed and decided with the customer so as to guarantee that the system can be easily and economically extended. The various steps are highlighted in different colors in the master plan. Every TechnoAlpin project is made to measure and designed to seit the local conditions, therefore a master plan is drawn up for each individual project

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