Mid-West Trade Show

The Mid-West Ski Areas Association just concluded a 3 day show at Shanty Creek Resort in Northern Michigan.  The Mid-West show is one of the best regional shows in the country and this year’s edition was no exception.  It was very well attended and the crowd was very upbeat which was refreshing since this region is coming off a less than stellar year.  TechnoAlpin made two formal presentations at the show.  Sunday afternoon, arrival day T-A did a “Speed Dating” session where 10 companies were given 5 minutes only to present a new or innovative technology.  We showcased the Snowfactory.  Our presentation was the best of the evening, now we’ll see if we get any “dates”.   TechnoAlpin also presented a 1.5 hour seminar on:  “The Power of your own Snowmaking Data” to a packed meeting room.  We used real life resort examples to show that perhaps the most valuable feature of automated snowmaking is the acquisition of tons of data that can help a resort manage the cost and productivity of their snowmaking system.  In today’s ROI driven capital investment market, accurate data is how you leverage new capital.  We will be making the same presentation at the New England Summit at Sunday River ME, and at the Ski Areas of New York Trade Show in Holiday Valley New York.

Michael Barry, NSAA President, spoke about the state of the industry which even though coming off a poor snow year in the East and Midwest, is very strong.  One topic of his presentation center on the aging managerial class in North American skiing.  These pioneers are working longer but in the next 10 years will need to be replace likely by Millennials, who have not shown the long career commitments of the current 

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