mTF10 Makes Landfall in North America

The first of (20) mTF10’s; the “m” is for manual, has arrived in North America. It is TechnoAlpin’s newest gun and it is built almost exclusively at the request of those North American snowmakers who still have a warm spot in their hearts for manual equipment. 

One of the most innovative of its “manual” features is the control panel. It is as straightforward as it can get, with simple and separate on / off buttons for all gun functions. Where an automatic gun would follow its programing, mTF 10 follows your logic and your gloved finger. If for some reason you’ve decided you don’t want heat, don’t push that button. Want fan before compressor? Whatever you want. Want to adjust flow based on your sleeve test verses computer logic; be our guest. This new control panel is hung by just a single pin, with extension cords it can control the mTF10 as a tower, or even an ARM gun. A Chinese customer just took delivery of 120 configured this way.

North American customers told us they were fond of steel. Perhaps a misconception, all our barrels have always been steel, just shrouded in fiberglass. The mTF10 wears its steel proudly with the big diameter steel barrel exposed. The mTF10 also has a bigger motor at 35 hp vs. Auto TF10’s 30 hp fan. They draw about the same kW, but the larger motor gives us more latitude in power fluctuations that are typical at the “end of the grid” distribution systems found at many NA resorts. Throw is equal to TF10, which is to say, BIG. 

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