New beginnings in Québec in Canada

Owl’s Head is a skiing region in the heart of Québec Province in eastern Canada. The pipes and snow guns are old and worn and so the time has come to start a project to modernize the entire snowmaking system. Commissioning of the system will take place as early as November 2018.

In order to guarantee reliable and optimum snowmaking operations and to see the resort flourish, Owl's Head is banking on a partnership with TechnoAlpin. The ski resort and the TechnoAlpin staff in charge of the project met over several months in order to plan the design and to adapt an advanced snowmaking system to the conditions of the location. Plans for a state-of-the-art ski resort were drawn up as a result of the intensive talks between the customer and TechnoAlpin. TechnoAlpin will deliver the entire facility as a turnkey system and will take care of the coordination arrangements with local subcontractors. 

Best quality, even under challenging conditions

The work will mainly involve replacing the 16 kilometers of water and air pipes alongside the full reconstruction of the existing pumping station. A total of 318 Rubis Evo snow lances will be installed along the slopes, 69 of which will be the automatic version. There will also be eight mobile TR8 fan guns of the latest generation. In addition, 69 shafts and 188 hydrants will be installed, and at the same time the TechnoAlpin experts will lay 2.8 km of data cables. The entire snowmaking system will then ultimately be controlled with the ATASSplus control system. Laying the pipes will be one of the biggest challenges in this project. It will be necessary to lay some of the lines above ground because of the ground conditions. These will always have to be drained in winter to prevent frost damage.  

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