New control system for Kronplatz

With 116 km of slopes and 32 state-of-the-art lift systems, the ski resort of Kronplatz is one of the top winter sports destinations in the north of Italy. Kronplatz has been a TechnoAlpin customer for years. The ski resort has a number of TechnoAlpin snow guns which had previously been linked into the customer's own control system. Work began in the summer of 2015 to integrate the whole system into the ATASSplus data-control system. This involved changing the control units in 13 existing pumping stations and reprogramming the existing control units in two others in order to link them into the ATASSplus system. The challenge was then to put all 15 pumping stations into operation in time and together, in September – and it all went off without a hitch. In addition, the existing company-owned control units in 28x M20, 19x M18 and 7 lances were replaced with an original TechnoAlpin control unit. The existing Siemens control unit was reprogrammed on 25x M90. All these snow guns could then be successfully linked into the TechnoAlpin data-control system. The brief was also to extend the snow-making system therefore 9x TF10 were supplied and integrated in the ATASSplus control system. The extension comprises the full data-control package, including water management, energy limitation, update contracts and wind-tracking function.


"Kronplatz Seilbahn AG has been developing its snow-making system since the late 1980s and consistently pushing ahead with automation technology. We originally had to come up with an in-house solution for the entire pumping station and snow-gun control system because there was nothing suitable on offer. In view of the rapid progress, both in terms of snow-gun technology and control software, we decided to replace the original control software and hardware in the summer of 2015 after more than 20 years of service. Given the size and complexity of the snow-making system, the changeover was always going to be a challenge, but we joined forces and succeeded in the end in installing the ATASSplus software and putting the snow-making technology into operation" – Dr. Ing. Christian Erroi, Director of Kronplatz Seilbahn AG

The project at a glance:

  • Commissioning of 15 pumping stations:
    • Replacement of control units in 13 pumping stations
    • Reprogramming of 2 further pumping stations
  • Integration of TechnoAlpin control units in:
    • 28x M20
    • 19x M18
    • 7 lances
  • Reprogramming of the control units in 25x M90
  • Delivery of 9x TF10
  • Integration of full control system:
    • Water management
    • Energy limitation
    • Update contracts
    • Wind tracking
    • etc.



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