New equipment in training room at TechnoAlpin headquarters

The training room at TechnoAlpin HQ has been equipped with new equipment to make training more efficient. The centerpiece of the training room is now a permanently installed 98” touchscreen display . Training staff also have a portable 55” touchscreen TV . New, curved, ultra-wide computer screens are used for ATASSplus training. And, of course, the advanced training courses also involve the operation of snow guns and technical components. Fan guns such as the TF10, T40, M12 and T60, plus a variety of valves, valve blocks, hydromats, electrants and lance models are located in the training room for this purpose. Visual aids are available for customers for practical work. They allow the structure of data lines to be shown, for example. The new equipment means that the content of our training courses can be presented to customers in even greater detail. By participating in TechnoAlpin training courses, our customers receive information on the structure, use and maintenance of snow guns, control software and pumping stations. This ensures efficient use of the systems.

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