New online experience with the Service eshop

The Service team of TechnoAlpin has updated the online spare parts shop on Presented during the latest Interalpin trade show, this updated eshop offers a great and improved experience to users looking for specific spare parts for their snowmaking machines. Spare parts represent a key item for the maintenance of snowmaking installations, in order to have always the optimal efficiency of the snow production. It was therefore very important for TechnoAlpin that customers who need to replace parts of their machines can find them in the most convenient way possible.

3D exploded views of components

As snow guns are highly sophisticated machines, particularly when it comes to fan guns with numerous components and many sub-assemblies, our team of developers decided to offer a search experience based on a graphical approach of the machines and their components! Indeed, the spare parts eshop allows to show 3D exploded views of the machines, going down to the smallest parts and details. This is available today on fan guns, starting with the T40, TF10, TF10 Manual, TF10 Piano, the TR8 as well as on the head of the TL6 lance. In the near future, this user-friendly search feature will be offered for more TechnoAlpin products.

Users looking for specific parts of these snow guns will be able to zoom in and navigate deep into the machine’s components and parts in order to make sure they select the right parts and put it directly in their shopping carts. This new way of searching for parts removes the risk of selecting the wrong parts or to use the wrong references when placing the order. Of course, it’s always possible to switch between the graphical search mode and the classic part list mode. For each part, a color codes also indicates the inventory level, with high, medium or low availability.

To access this up graded spare parts eshop, TechnoAlpin customers only need to request a login and password for the Service portal on Beside the eshop, the Service portal gives access to a great wealth of information: Technical documents, repair forms, maintenance checklists for snow guns as well as maintenance instructions!

And this is exactly the philosophy of the Service team of TechnoAlpin: Providing a great and efficient customer experience and the highest quality tools as possible when it comes to the maintenance of their snowmaking equipment!

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