New subsidiary of TechnoAlpin in China

TechnoAlpin opens new headquarters in Beijing and attends Alpitec China.

TechnoAlpin has been installing snow-making systems in China since the 1990s. During this time, some exciting projects have been implemented, including Lake Songhua, Secret Garden and Changbaishan. 

Now, TechnoAlpin has recently established its own subsidiary in Beijing. This will allow the company to better meet the needs of ski resorts in China. Service and advice will in future be provided by our Chinese-speaking staff. A total of 20 staff-members will be employed at the new location in Beijing. 

The site in China has office areas, a warehouse and a manufacturing facility. Customers will benefit especially from the new stock of spare parts and the local service team. Repairs will be made faster and regular maintenance can also be provided. 

TechnoAlpin recognized the potential of the Chinese market many years ago. The awarding of the 2022 Olympic Games  to Beijing was another important milestone in making winter sports popular in China. The new branch is a response to the steadily growing Chinese market which plays a very important role for TechnoAlpin. The Chinese subsidiary will also be a starting point for a stronger presence throughout the Asian area. 


You can reach TechnoAlpin China on 天冰造雪设备(三河)有限公司 · 河北省三河市 · 燕郊开发区 · 燕昌路235号 · 邮编: 065201

TechnoAlpin at Alpitec China

TechnoAlpin was present at the Alpitec China trade fair, which ran from February 24 to 27. This was the first time we have had our own stand. Numerous innovations were on display, including the ATASSplus Update. The update of the control system enables accurate and, more importantly, local weather forecasts to be made up to 10 days ahead. These forecasts help the ski resort with key strategic decisions such as when to open the slopes and when to deploy snow-making equipment and personnel. The update also comes with improvements to the user interface, the spare-parts shop and other functions.

Product innovation: The manual TF10 was presented for the first time at Alpitec China. With 24 Quadrijet-type nozzles and eight nucleators, the manual TF10 is one of the most powerful machines on the market. The TF10 has amazing projection capability and distributes the snow over a large area. Moreover, the quality of the snow is consistent over the entire area. The slope preparation time is also significantly reduced. There are 16 control settings which allow for tip-top snow even in changeable external conditions. The new manual controls are revolutionary. They are no longer on the nozzle ring or valve block. The nozzles on the manual TF10 can be toggled simply and easily from the display. The TF10 represents an excellent combination of proven components and a completely new principle for manual snow-making.

We are eager to learn how the new products were received by visitors to the fair.


Here are some impressions from the Alpitec China fair:

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