Optimizing resource efficiency through maintenance

A perfectly coordinated snowmaking system is the guarantee of optimum resource efficiency in snowmaking. Relying on the market leader in the technology TechnoAlpin guarantees the smooth operation of the system and perfect compatibility of all the individual parts and components.

The large number of hydraulic, mechanical and electronic components make snowmaking systems into complex technological systems which are only used seasonally. It is therefore important that they can be put into operation without any problems at the beginning of the season. The pumping stations and compressor plants are the heart of every system. If faults occur here, the entire system may come to a standstill. In order to avoid major damage to pumping stations, it is essential to have a regular inspection and maintenance routine in place for pumps and compressors. 

Professional repairs in the best environment

The TechnoAlpin pump servicing team has around 15 members who are spread right around the globe. They operate from different service centers for Central Europe, Scandinavia, China or Eastern Europe. The entire machine room is first checked by trained TechnoAlpin personnel in an extensive assessment of the condition. This analysis is taken as a basis for planning any follow-up work which may be needed. The pump positions are checked and, if necessary, realigned during the service, and vibrations are measured. Thermal imaging cameras are used to detect “hot spots” on bearing pumps and motor pumps, and valves, filters and slide valves are checked. The function of the compressors is checked, and valves, oil and filters are changed with reference to the information provided by the manufacturer.

TechnoAlpin has been receiving training from the manufacturers for many years and is therefore an authorized service and repair point for Kaeser, Caprari and KSB as well as an OEM partner for Danfoss and Evoqua. The TechnoAlpin base in Bolzano has its own workshop for repairs and maintenance, providing optimum conditions for the professional overhaul of pumps, mobile pumps, valves, snow producers, motors and fittings. This service point enables TechnoAlpin to offer optimum repair services.

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