Professional summer service for reliable systems

The winter season is over in the northern hemisphere and the snow-making systems will be out of use for a few months. It is important to take advantage of this time to service the systems so that they will be in tip-top condition for the next winter season because the snow-making systems are a guarantee of operational reliability and energy efficiency. They are very complex technological systems consisting of a large number of hydraulic, mechanical and electronic components which must be perfectly in tune with each other in order for the system as a whole to work properly. If the system is properly serviced, it will achieve the maximum possible efficiency. This will cut costs and provide perfect slope conditions for skiers to enjoy. It is essential for a snow-making system to be reliable, especially at the beginning of the season. The short windows of opportunity for snow generation must be exploited to the full in order to guarantee that the slopes will be open at Christmas. TechnoAlpin offers service contracts for the entire system in order to simplify the process of regular maintenance and thereby avoid nasty surprises during this crucial phase. The service contracts can be taken out for the snow guns and the valves. Also, electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems of the snow guns are inspected by trained engineers who rectify any faults in order to restore them to perfect condition. Each piece of equipment can then be relied upon to resume operation in the winter.

The machine rooms also need regular servicing. In order to ensure that they are maintained to top standards, the TechnoAlpin engineers have been trained by the manufacturers Kaeser, Caprari and KSB. TechnoAlpin has been an authorized service and repair point for these manufacturers for years. The pumps are realigned under the service contracts. Vibrations and bearings are also tested and measured. Thermal imaging cameras are used to detect heat sources. The pump and motor bearings are re-lubricated, and the valves, filters and gate valves are inspected. Vibration measurements and oil analyses are carried out on the compressors, and filters are changed. The advantage of servicing the equipment in the summer is that the work is scheduled well ahead and can be well coordinated. The ski resorts have support by way of the SMS software (Snow Maintenance System) or the Maintenance Manager in the ATASSplus system. The ski resorts can therefore easily see which pieces of equipment and which machine rooms have already been serviced. For years TechnoAlpin has placed great emphasis on top customer service and quality products. The customer service department works with the aim of perfecting and optimizing the functionality of every system.  

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