Ready for the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang!

The XXIII Winter Olympics begin today, February 9, in South Korea. The world’s best athletes will be there competing for medals in various winter sport disciplines until February 25, 2018. Most of the races will be held in the ski resorts of Phoenix Park and Yongpyong. A total of 25 of the 31 downhill, snowboard and freestyle events in Pyeongchang 2018 will take place on TechnoAlpin snow.

The main venues of Phoenix Park and Yongpyong are located in Pyeongchang. Both resorts have upgraded their snow-making systems over the past year and a half, relying on the know-how of TechnoAlpin. It took TechnoAlpin just four months to install the snowmaking systems during the preparations in Phoenix Park where all the snowboard and freestyle ski events will be run, starting from today. The need for snow is particularly high for these competitions. The guaranteed snow which can be provided by the latest snowmaking technology is therefore all the more important. TechnoAlpin had already installed a snow-making system in the 1990s at the Yongpyong ski resort where the giant slalom and slalom competitions will be held. This has now been modernized and extended to include a total of 250 snow guns and three pumping stations.

The biggest challenge was the climate in South Korea where borderline temperatures and high air humidity posed particular challenges for the snowmaking system. Huge amounts of snow are needed for the freestyle events therefore the snow gun chosen for installation in most cases was the TF10, the most powerful fan gun on the snowmaking market. Many of the snow guns were mounted on towers, lifts and arms so that very large quantities of snow could be produced without any problems. All the snow guns were dismantled again before the events so as to guarantee the safety of the athletes.

TechnoAlpin is proud to be the main supplier of snow for this major event. “This is our reward for all the years we have worked in the Korean market and the payback on our investment in research and development over the past years,” said Michael Mair, TechnoAlpin Area Manager in Korea. “Our exceptional products and our experience with fully automatic snowmaking systems will guarantee optimum snow quality during the races.”

TechnoAlpin wishes all the athletes every success in the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang!

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