Record time for Cervinia

The snowmaking system in Cervinia was ready much earlier than planned thanks to TechnoAlpin. The impressive state-of-the-art system boasts snowmaking technology engineered by TechnoAlpin. The system was put into operation on schedule at the end of October/beginning of November and the whole process ran smoothly. TechnoAlpin once again proved its pioneering status in the design and realization of systems when the TechnoAlpin team managed to hand over the turnkey system to the customer more than two weeks before the requested completion date. The perfect planning of the entire process and the close cooperation with the ski resort made this outstanding achievement possible, demonstrating yet again the quality guaranteed by TechnoAlpin not only in its snow producers but also in all the project phases.  

The revolution at the summit

Only the world market leader is capable of coping with the most difficult installation conditions: one of the highest snow producers in Europe is installed at a height of 3320 m in Cervinia. The machine in question is the revolutionary TR8 fan gun. This snow producer is impressively unique because for the first time the fan and compressor are driven by just one electric motor. The compressor is an oil-free rotary screw compressor, which stands out due to its uniform compressed air outlet, its lower weight and easy maintenance. Thanks to its permanent magnet motor with inverter, the TR8 also achieves IE4 mechanical efficiency. In contrast to the T40, the TR8 can therefore be operated in a much wider voltage range than its predecessor with no change in power consumption. It can be operated constantly at maximum motor efficiency and has a higher air output because of the improved efficiency.

Innovation is the top priority for TechnoAlpin in all areas. Painstaking research and development are continually invested in the improvement of software and snow producers. The development of new operating mechanisms and the simplification of maintenance processes enable the production of snow of optimum quality in a wide range of conditions and guarantee supreme efficiency at all levels with the TR8. The main aim of TechnoAlpin is always to simplify the work of the snowmaking operations teams.

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