Red Mountain Showcase

From Left to right.  Don Thompson (Red Mountain) Syd Fife, (Kicking Horse Mountain Resort)  Stuart Clotworthy, (T-A)  Troy Coloutti (Red Mountain), Allan LePage, (Red Mountain), Evan Feeman, (Panorama), Vern Greco (Pacific Group Resorts Inc.)  Steve Bourchier, (Red Mountain)   David Kennedy (T-A),   Andrew Cradduck, (Panorama) Brad Brush, (Castle Mountain), Donald Jones (Kicking Horse Mountain Resort).

March 30th TechnoAlpin hosted a Showcase of the Red Mountain BC snowmaking system. The system is just two years old and the project was a joint venture between the resort and the Red Mt. Race Club. Red Mountain gets up to 400 inches of natural snow each season and was thought by many not to need snowmaking. But that “au natural” philosophy does not work for Red Mountain’s nationally renowned race program that has spawned some of Canada’s best National and International talent over the years. Racers need guaranteed snow early, and although recreational skiers love that soft natural snow, training on that stuff put racers at a disadvantage. That is not the surface of race venues, which needs to be consistently very hard to level the playing field for a field of competitors. Hence, Red Racers’ interest in snowmaking. From the resort perspective, although Red has always been able to rely on its abundant snowfall up top, getting back to those lower elevation lifts in early and late season can be problematic without snowmaking. A deal was born.

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