Renewed partnership with TMR

The Szczyrkowski Ośrodek Narciarski resort is located in the Beskid Mountains in the Polish region of Silesian Voivodeship and is operated by the Slovak Group Tatry Mountain Resorts. The latter is a major player in tourism in Central Europe with the operation of several ski resorts such as Jasna - Chopok, Tatranská Lomnica and Starý Smokovec in Slovakia, as well as Špindlerův Mlýn in the Czech Republic. In parallel, TMR also operates two amusement parks in Poland and a water park in Slovakia, as well as a dozen hotels, including several 4-star hotels. This portfolio of activities allows it to be a complete operator of tourist sites, both in winter, with nearly 2 million visitors welcomed on mountain sites, and in summer.

Long-standing customer of the Liberty technology – the first York installation dates back to 1996 on the site of Jasná – TMR choses to trust TechnoAlpin for the snow guarantee on most of its mountain sites: In addition to Jasna, TechnoAlpin's snow experts brought their expertise to the Chopok, Špindleruv Mlýn and now Szczyrkowski ski resorts.

For the 2017 phase of the project: Complete retrofitting of the existing small snowmaking system, installation of 11 km of pipes with 215 steel shelters equipped with Rubis Evo lances, upgrade of an existing machine room and construction of a new one. The operator also takes advantage of this to secure the water resource with the construction of a snowmaking reservoir of 80000m3 of water for the snow guns. On the other hand, the existing Solisko machine room is modernized and a second one, Hala, is built to accommodate 3 pumps of 89 l/s and 315kW. In total, the pumping capacity of the plant will be 375 l/s of water. All the new equipment of the 2017 development plan, as well as 10 TF10 and T40 fan guns already on the site since the 2016/17 winter season will be controlled by the Liberty software.

The whole snowmaking system is therefore redesigned on the occasion of this project which is part of a global redevelopment of the 3 mountain sides composing the ski resort of Szczyrkowski. Indeed, the operator is also working on creating a parking lot, redesigning one of the base areas, remodeling the slopes to make them more comfortable and on the lift with the installation of a 10 seat gondola and 2 detachable chairlifts. TechnoAlpin is proud to be able to contribute, thanks to its know-how in terms of snow production, to the success of one of the leading players in tourism in Central Europe.

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