Revolutionary route to serial production

The optimization of existing solutions and the development of new solutions for snowmaking are a central aspect of company life at TechnoAlpin. In March 2017 TechnoAlpin revolutionized the snowmaking sector when it introduced the TR8 fan gun. It is the latest result of the painstaking research and development work at TechnoAlpin.

When it comes to improving its snowguns, however, Technoalpin also pays constant attention to customer feedback - which is why 50 models from the previous series of the TR8 were used to gather valuable responses from test ski resorts all over the world. This feedback led to improvements on some finer details of the model for the 2017 serial production processes. Not only is there a boost to the performance of the TR8 as a result, but also greater user-friendliness.

The nozzle ring fitting is now also telescopic, allowing access to the nozzle ring without having to remove the cover. Now it will stay pushed forwards on the machine. The system increases user-friendliness and makes it even easier to service the TR8. The side turbine housing has also been adapted, which has led to improved visibility of the side beacons and therefore a further increase in safety. The main change to the integrated meteo station is that the intake grille has been modified. The louvers have been enlarged slightly and the strength of the grille has been increased by changing the shape of the rods, with further surface improvements for a much smoother finish. This is now even better at stopping the snow from sticking and also increases the accuracy of the measurements. 

These enhancements to the TR8 further underline its leading role among the snow guns. Like all TechnoAlpin snow guns, the TR8 also comes with quadrijet ceramic nozzles and wedge wire water filter for simple maintenance teamed with optimum quality and efficiency. Another unprecedented feature of the TR8 is that for the first time on a snow gun, the fan and compressor are driven by just one electric motor. The compressor is an oil-free rotary screw compressor and, because of its uniform compressed air outlet, it weighs less and is easier to service. Thanks to its permanent magnet motor with inverter, the TR8 also achieves IE4 mechanical efficiency. In contrast to the T40, the TR8 can be operated in a much wider voltage range than its predecessor with no change in power consumption. It can be operated constantly at maximum motor efficiency and has a higher air output than the previous model because of the improved efficiency.

Thanks to the low rotational speed and an internal turbine motor, the TR8 boasts impressive insensitivity to vibrations. The cooling of the nucleator compressed air in a heat exchanger on the water filter also guarantees the optimum compressed air temperature, meaning that there is no longer any need to alternate between the cooling on and cooling off settings in case of temperature changes. Its low dimensions and light weight also make the TR8 very stable and easy to use.

The development of new operating mechanisms and the simplification of maintenance processes make the TR8 a revolutionary product on the snowmaking market. It enables the production of optimum-quality snow in a wide range of conditions and guarantees supreme efficiency at all levels. The main aim of TechnoAlpin is always to simplify the work of the snowmaking operations teams.

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