Snowfactory strikes big success worldwide!

From the mountains of Australia, in Mt Baw Baw to the Asian cities of Shanghai in China and Jakarta in Indonesia, from Sweden to Germany, the Snowfactory technology of TechnoAlpin is increasingly popular for operators who want to secure further the production of snow, whether for outdoor or indoor applications! For the 1st semester of 2018, no less than 10 Snowfactory units SF100 and SF210 have been delivered around the world already. However, among all the exciting projects conducted thus far this year, two can be viewed as more special than the others…

On the top of the world! One of the most special projects this year was conducted in Switzerland! Indeed, a Snowfactory SF100 unit has been installed on Titlis glacier (Engelberg, Switzerland) at 3020 m of elevation, making it the machine installed at the highest point in Europe… well, in the world too! The decision to install a Snowfactory in this location was made to achieve several objectives: To produce snow when needed to cover areas close to the upper station of the lifts arriving at the top of the glacier, affected by melting snow and to fill up cracks, also to renew and cover dirty snow, following visitor traffic, therefore further reducing melting.

What was also very special for this project was the transportation mode to climb to the top of the glacier: The Snowfactory simply took the gondola! To achieve this prowess, the Snowfactory had to be modified and was fitted in two 20ft containers, instead of the usual 40ft container. With reduced weight and size, it was possible to secure each container below the gondola to lift them to their final destination.

Halfway across the world, some 11000 kilometers away from Switzerland, Snowfactory will be doing a completely different job! In the suburb of Jakarta, the Indonesian capital city, 4 Snowfactory SF100 units will be installed in a new indoor center, the Trans Park Snow Town, which is part of a large real-estate, business, shopping and entertainment complex. This indoor snow center will offer 4000m2 of snow playground and ski slopes to the complex guests all-year round.

To ensure the highest level of performances of the Snowfactory with local weather conditions that can be difficult - rather hot temperatures, with a yearly average of 28.5°C – special tropical models will be installed in the Trans Park Snow Town. The tropical version of the Snowfactory does not use the air cooler fitted in the standard model, but an external cooling tower that brings additional efficiency to the cooling system, allowing optimizing operations for temperatures up to 35°C wet bulb.

Sign of the great satisfaction of operators with the efficiency of the Snowfactory for indoor applications: This is not the 1st cooperation of Snowfacory on SnowTown projects. The machines are already installed in 3 other SnowTown centers, in Vietnam, Thailand, and in China!

No matter where or when, winter lovers and snow enthusiasts, old and young, can rely always on the Snowfactory of TechnoAlpin to feed their emotions and provide them with the best experiences possible.

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