Snowfactory, worldwide and truly all-season!

Whatever the month of the year, there’s a Snowfactory, worldwide and truly all-season, to ensure the production of snow and thus allow the winter sport enthusiasts to practice their favorite activities on snowy slopes! In fact, while the Snowfactory in the Southern Hemisphere, in Australia and New Zealand, still produced snow until mid-August, the Northern Hemisphere facilities, in Norway for instance, were beginning to produce at the same time in order to prepare the 2017/2018 winter season!

And until now, nothing comes in the way of the success of the Snowfactory technology. For the year 2017 alone, 14 Snowfactory projects will be carried out at sites around the world: from Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, to Great Britain, USA, Italy, Sweden and Norway or also in Croatia, fixed or mobile Snowfactory units come either as reinforcements for conventional snowmaking or for the full production of the snow necessary for a smooth and efficient preparation of winter sporting events.

For instance, the Italian city of Milano will host next November a major snowboard and freeskiing event, Big Air and the City, for which two Snowfactory units will be used to make the snow. Moreover, the national ski federations have clearly understood the interest of the Snowfactory technology, such as DSV, the German Ski Federation and CRO Ski, the Croatian Ski Federation. Both of these organizations are users of Snowfactory units, whether it is for ski jumping and biathlon tracks in Germany or snow production for slalom runs for Croatia, such as the race in Sljeme. Each time, the Snowfactory allows the organizers of competition to approach the deadlines more serenely.

And operators of ski resorts and ski centers have clearly understood too the benefits of positive temperature snow production, for "snow farming" which consists of producing large volumes of snow which are stored from one season to the next, to start making snow very early in the fall season when temperatures would not allow conventional snowmaking or a combination of both. Snowfactory makes it possible to further secure opening dates and to be the first to offer the excitement of skiing to resort guests!

Today, Snowfactory units are used in 16 different countries. And wherever it is in operation Snowfactory brings a real competitive advantage; it is considered by customers who have tried it so far to be a game-changer for their ski resort operations! Snowfactory will make possible 365 days a year what could have been unlikely before.

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